About us

It was established on 20/01/1997 by a family that grew up in the sector from the core.
While creating the infrastructure of knitted womens mens upper group which is its field of activity it has succeeded in taking its place in the market in a short period of three years with its effort to deliver the products it produces to every corner of Turkey.

By 2000 it aimed to take its place in the world market by becoming a brand.First separated the sales points of womens and mens products.Its produces womens clothing under the brand Erçil and sells it to the domestic market the Middle East and Europe.Its produces mens top groups under the Cahoter brand and exports it to Russia Turkish Republics Europe and many countries of the world as well as the domestic market.It attaches importance to the preparation of its designs in a accordance with seasonal trends and on the basis of target audience by its visionary and dynamic team by closely following the world trends.

It follows all stages of the design process meticulously and continues its collection works by taking into account the expectations and requests of the customers.The colors fabric quality patterns and sketches to be used are used to determine the products and the collections are shaped as a result of the studies.

The products are prepared in the design program together with the fabric pattern and model details and are prepared for presantation with their colorfull visuals.After the preliminary preparations of the fabrics and patterns used are completed all models are presented to the customer with their varients.